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Today's achievement is inseparable from your efforts and trust in us, seeds are expensive and these are the fruits, a company that is only 7 years old, with gratitude and confidence, we go, believe in God's inclusion in every action where we try to provide the best service for you. PT. Aman Rejeki Indonesia (PT. ARI) was originally named PT. Satria Surya Persada which was established in 2013 with our vision "through creativity that is used to develop knowledge, equip and educate people” while our mission is “to provide you with integrated solutions”.

PT. ARI was originally the sole agent for Applied Research International (ARI) simulators and currently PT. ARI has also been granted the rights to manufacture simulator products locally, under license and approval from ARI. This article is written as a record of the marketing, sales and installation journey of the ARI Simulator in Indonesia, which has reached more than 100 units of devices spread from Sabang to Merauke. Also in this article, you can find out about our support for the development of human resources, especially in the maritime sector, namely the establishment of the first DP Training Center in Indonesia, besides that there was also the installation of the first navigation simulator on the real vessel.

We hope that with this note you will be more confident with our performance and experience in the future and can continue to spur us to change for the better in maintaining credibility and improving service. Once again we would like to thank the schools and academies who have trusted, cooperated and supported us all this time.


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