Naval Simulation

The ARI Warship Simulator has been designed to facilitate training in ship handling, maneuvering and decision making on naval warships in an environment that offers all the complexities of the real world without any of the associated dangers, risks and costs.

The ARI Full Mission Warship Simulator provides detailed simulations of a comprehensive range of features unique to naval vessels and accurately simulates the ship handling characteristics of a wide variety of naval ships including destroyers, frigates, missile ships, offshore patrol vessels and more. Bridge equipment, specific to naval vessels, is ergonomically built and arranged in a manner that provides the look and feel of a naval ship in motion. High fidelity visual display systems and rigorously modeled 3D scenes provide a completely immersive and believable environment for the hands-on training of naval personnel.

ARI Simulation solutions are designed to be modular, making it possible to create a simulated bridge environment very similar to the way a client’s specific vessels are designed. ARI can create a library of ship models that conform to the behavioral characteristics and appearance of warships in your own fleet. As with all naval customers, the confidentiality and integrity of your data is fully protected at ARI.

War Gaming Simulation

The ARI Naval Warfare Tactical Simulator is designed to provide a platform for training of naval personnel in practicing the skills necessary to gain a tactical advantage in a war gaming scenario. Naval Officers can practice a number of Warfare scenarios using this simulator, such as: Anti-Surface Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Anti-Air Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Multi-Threat Warfare, Maritime Strike, Naval Control of shipping and many other similar scenarios.

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