Mining Equipment Simulation

ARI Advanced Virtual Simulation Systems are globally recognized as ‘class leading’ and offer high levels of realism in visualization & behavioral modeling of equipment used in mining.

ARI offers high levels of flexibility to training providers in selecting the size, type and layout of simulators and equipment modules that will best serve their current and future training needs. Custom solutions can be built on request – Customizationis a key strength of ARI.

Controls used for operation of simulated equipment can be ‘near-replicas’. Alternatively, ARI can use real cabin and controls provided by OEMs and interface software modules to create high levels of immersive realism for simulation training.

Complete range of mining equipment

The hydrodynamic model used in the ARI ROV Operations Simulator is the key to the high degree of behavioral realism. The model provides results that are accurate, consistent and predictable under a multitude of combinations of forces, conditions, objects, situations, and user actions.

An Instructor station offers tools to control and monitor the virtual scenarios. A comprehensive Faults & Malfunctions library is included. The Instructor can create emergency conditions to test trainee reactions. Instructor-less solutions are also available to overcome space constraints if any.

Integrated solutions are available that allow multiple simulators to operate in tandem. For example Loader and Dumper can operate in an integrated mode in a common scenario, to achieve overall mission objectives.

Pre-configured exercises are available for various equipment modules. Exercises are graded such that trainees can start with simple familiarization functions and move to complex exercises involving multiple obstacles and scenarios. By carrying out a set of exercises, trainee and trainers can identify progress on a continual basis.

Reports of trainee performance assessment can be generated, that help to identify various safety and productivity metrics achieved. Simulator systems with a range of motion systems can be provided.

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